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Bilrubin Test Cost Price in India Book Online Home Collection : The Bilirubin Test measures the Amount of Bilirubin in the Blood i.e health of the Liver. To monitor Liver and Bile Duct diseases this Bilirubin test is prescribed by the Doctor. Generally, this Test is also done to identify Hepatitis, Jaundice, Anemia caused due to red blood cells, bile ducts blockages, etc. Bilirubin Test is done by using the Blood Sample. According to the Doctor’s prescription, avoid food items and certain medications for a specified duration as they may change the results. PlanMyScan Offers you 60% Discount on all services we provide

So, Patients who are going to take the Bilirubin Test may visit and book the test by checking the Bilirubin Test Cost in India. Normally, the Results Slightly vary from Lab to Lab and Children, Adults. So, by analysing the results, doctors prescribe the precautions to be taken by the Patients.

Bilrubin Blood Test Online Price in India

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Bilrubin Blood Test in India Rs 170-1200


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