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You can Find LFT Cost Price in Hyderabad here. Liver Function Test (LFT) used to diagnose the Damages in Liver. A LFT include AST, ALP, ALT, GGT tests including Protein and Albumin tests. LFT is used to know the infections like Hepatitis, monitor the effect of any medications on Liver, etc. Patients can know LFT Cost in Hyderabad if they want to Plan an LFT Test. By the LFT Test, it’s possible to estimate the Liver Performance and diagnose its damage and associated Disease. Based on the Disease the patient has, further treatments can be taken by concern Doctor. PlanMyScan Offering you upto 60% Off on all your Blood tests

LFT Cost Price  / Liver Function Test Cost Price In Hyderabad

Test Name Discounted Prices
Liver Function Test / LFT Cost Price In Hyderabad Rs 300 – 750

Liver Function Test Price In Hyderabad

With a Nominal Liver Function Test Price, Patients can complete the LFT Test for problem diagnosis. Before LFT Test fasting is required at least 10-12 Hours except Drinking Water because food may affect the levels of enzymes and proteins present in your blood. And LFT Reports generated are handed over to the Patient. LFT Result may vary according to Patient Health History, Age, Gender, etc.  You can Take Individual Liver function tests such as SGOT Test and SGPT Test Separatly in our partnered diagnostics

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