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Lipid Profile Test Price in Burhanpur Book Online Home Blood Collection  : Most of the Patients die due to Cardiovascular disease leading to Heart Attacks and Strokes. As a part of Regular Health Checkup, everyone must book a Lipid Profile Test from by following the Lipid Profile Cost in Burhanpur.

A Lipid Profile Test is a Cholesterol Test done to find the Amount of HDL (Good) Fat, LDL (Bad) Fat and Triglycerides in the Body. If the Cholesterol in the Body is high, it can lead to Heart Disease, Stroke and other complications. 10 to 12 Hours of Fasting is required to attend the Lipid Profile Test and in that time Patients Should not consume alcohol. Heavy Exercise is also not acceptable.

Lipid Profile Test Cost Price in Burhanpur

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Lipid Profile Cost Price in Burhanpur299- 499


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