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PCL Reconstruction Surgery Cost in Chennai will be based upon the patient’s medical condition and emergency. But, planmyscan offers the treatment with the Best PCL Reconstruction Surgeons in Chennai. The PCL Reconstruction Surgery is performed using knee arthroscopy. The surgeon makes several small incisions around the knee joint and inserts a narrow fiber-optic scope to examine the condition of the knee. PCL Reconstruction is a specialized surgical procedure in which the torn posterior cruciate ligament is repaired or replaced by a normal functioning tendon/tissue, harvested from the other part of the patient’s knee, so as to restore its knee stability and normal function after an injury.

PCL Surgery Cost In Chennai

Surgery Name Discounted Price
PCL Reconstruction Surgery Cost In Chennai 2,00,000 – 3,70,000

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PlanMyScan Provides the Lowest PCL Reconstruction Surgery Cost in Chennai and gives the treatment with fully experienced PCL Reconstruction Surgeon in Chennai. So, schedule an appointment for Best PCL Surgery Cost In Chennai, in a well-equipped hospital. And you just need to fill in the details and start preparing for the surgery with the Best PCL Reconstruction Surgeon In Chennai

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