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PET CT Scan Prices in 24 Parganas : PET CT Scan Price is not like that of MRI and CT scan. Based on the Doctor Prescription Type of PET CT Scan, the Cost changed. We will let the patients know the PET CT Scan Prices in 24 Parganas once they contact us. On every Scanning Services, Plan My Scan gives a 60% Flat discount.

PET CT Scan in 24 Parganas

Test NameDiscounted Price
PET CT Scan Cost Price in 24 Parganas Rs 14999 – 24999

What is PET-CT?

PET-CT Scan Cost defined as the Diagnosis of a problem that is traced by Positron Emission Tomography (PET) with Computed Tomography (CT).

PET CT Scan in 24 Parganas

PET CT Scanin 24 Parganas is provided from the Best Scanning Centers at Patient Location through Plan My Scan. We refer two to three alternatives for the Patients after their approach. So, patients can pick the best PET CT Scan Center in 24 Parganas to Plan their scanning. We will make the Online Booking with Discounted Price Payment also on the patient required time and date. MRI Scan and CT Scan is totally differ from PET Ct Scan

Cost For PET CT Scan in 24 Parganas

Plan My Scan intimate the Cost For PET CT Scan in 24 Parganas according to the Doctor Prescription. The cost changes based on the Doctor Prescription. But, from, patients can find the Discounted Prices for any type of PET CT Scan in 24 Parganas. So, they can receive Best Service with reports with Low Cost. Also, Plan My Scan offers Cashback for the Patients who regularly book scanning from our site.

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