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CT Scan Cost Offers You 60% discount Price in India for all the Human Body organs. All the patients look for the Different Body part CT Scan Cost in India.  So With Plan My Scan, make an appointment in the Scanning Centers with Lowest price. 

CT Scan Cost Price in India

CT Scan Cost Price varies from Place to place and Organ to Organ, For the exact deatiled price for the CT Scan Cost , Contact Us by filling the form ot through Whatsapp

Plan My Scan Offers you upto 60% Discount on the bookings and also You can avail 5-10% Additional discount through online booking


Scan NameDiscounted Prices
CT Head ScanRs 3000 – 7000
CT Single HandRs 3000 – 7000
CT Chest ScanRs 3000 – 7000
CT Single Leg ScanRs 3000 – 7000
CT Ls Spine ScanRs 3000 – 7000
CT Lumbar SpineRs 3000 – 7000
CT Lumbo Sacral Spine ScanRs 3000 – 7000
CT Nose ScanRs 3000 – 7000
CT Brain ScanRs 3000 – 7000
CT Neck ScanRs 3000 – 7000
CT Anus ScanRs 3000 – 7000
CT Orbits ScanRs 3000 – 7000
CT Knee ScanRs 3000 – 7000
CT Foot ScanRs 3000 – 7000
CT Fingers ScanRs 3000 – 7000
CT Ankle Joint ScanRs 3000 – 7000
CT PNS ScanRs 3000 – 7000
CT Wrist ScanRs 3000 – 7000
CT Temporal Bone ScansRs 3000 – 7000
CT Pelvis ScanRs 3000 – 7000
CT Abdomen ScanRs 3000 – 7000
CT Whole Spine ScanRs 3000 – 7000
CT Contrast ScanRs 3000 – 7000
CT ScreeningRsRs 3000 – 7000
CT Whole Spine ScreeningRs 3000 – 7000
CT Brain Epilepsy ScanRs 3000 – 7000
CT Pulmonary Angio ScanRs 3000 – 7000
CT Brain Angio ScanRs 3000 – 7000
CT Coronary Angio ScanRs 3000 – 7000
CT ScanRs 3000 – 7000

What is a CT Scan?

CT Scan Means Computed Tomography Scan, a medical diagnosis process to get Cross-Sectional images of Body Organs, Tissues using X-Rays. CT Scan also was known as Computed Axial Tomography (CAT). CT Scan shows 3D images of the body parts to be examined. CT Scans are majorly used to examine Tissues, cancer Staging, and Vascular Disease findings.

CT Scan Centres in India

Only Best CT Scan Centers in India, associated with PlanMyScan. Every Scanning Organization contain IRA Approval, ISO Certification and gives Best Services. Patients for any body part CT Scan approach PlanMyScan.com to fix the appointment. Patients even call us for knowing the Top CT Scan Centers in India near to their location. We even make Online Booking for the Scanning on behalf of the Patient/ Customer in Online.

Cost of CT Scan in India

 CT Scan Cost in India depends on the Doctor Prescribed Body Part and Location. Patients from Plan My Scan Observe the Lowest Price for CT Scan in India which give good quality service and faster reports. At any time, we will render our Services at discounted prices from our partnered Scan Centers in India. Patients can verify Our quoted CT Scan Cost in India with Other Sources and make plan their Scan.

Types of CT Scan in India

CT Brain Scan, CT Chest Scan, CT Head Scan, CT Shoulder Scan, CT LS Spine, CT Cervical Spine, CT Pelvis, CT Abdomen, CT Leg, CT Fingers, CT PNS, CT Neck, CT Hand, CT Hip, CT Elbow, CT Nose, CT Orbits, CT Temporal Bone, CT Knee Scan are the type CT Scan services provided.

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