Fistula Surgery Cost in India – Up to 60% Off On Fistula-In-Ano Surgery

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Book a consultation call through for the Fistula Surgery Cost in India. We will refer the patients to the Best Fistula Surgeons in India. The Anal Fistula is an infected tunnel between the skin and the anus. Most of the Fistula results in infection which spreads from an anal gland to the skin. The Fistula Specialists in India have said that the anal fistula will be recovered by going through the surgical process. Through medications, they take a long time to cure, and sometimes there is a chance of recurrence of fistula when the patient stops taking medication. So the Best Fistula Doctors in India suggested the patients who are suffering from this anal fistula problem should go through the surgery method. Through you will get a discount on Fistula-In-Ano Surgery Cost In India. 

Fistula Surgery Cost in India – Up to 60% Off

Surgery NameDiscounted Price
Fistula Surgery Cost in IndiaRs. 40,000/- to Rs. 2,00,000/-

Best Fistula Surgeons in India – Up to 60% Off

Our team is providing the patients with a discount of up to 60% for the Cost of Fistula Surgery in India. For the details of the Fistula-In-Ano Surgery Cost in India make a call which is available in the above form. Patients can also make their appointment by filling the form on this page. We will check your details and respond to you by providing all the details you want about the Fistula Treatment Cost in India. will complete all your treatment procedures at an affordable cost when compared to the Fistula Operation Cost in India.

Types of Anal Fistulas

  • Intersphincteric Fistula: This occurs between the internal and external sphincter which opens very close to the anal opening. 
  • Transphincteric Fistula: This begins in the space between the internal and external sphincter muscles in the space behind the anus and crosses the external sphincter an inch or two outside the anal opening. 
  • Suprasphincteric Fistula: It occurs between the internal and external sphincter muscles and turns upward above the puborectal muscle and opens out the anus opening. 
  • Extrasphincteric Fistula: It begins at the rectum or sigmoid colon and extends downwards passing through the levator ani muscle and opens around the anus. 

Causes of Anal Fistula

  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Radiation
  • Trauma
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Tuberculosis

Symptoms of Anal Fistula

  • Pain
  • Redness
  • Swelling around Anus
  • Bleeding
  • Fever
  • Painful Bowel movements
  • Urination Problem
  • Foul-smelling from the hole near the anus area

Diagnosis of Anal Fistula

  • Anoscopy is a procedure where a special instrument is used to see inside the anus and rectum.
  • Ultrasound or MRI of anal area for the better appearance of the fistula.
  • The surgeon will also undergo the anesthesia procedure to examine the fistula. 

Treatments of Anal Fistula

  • Fistuloctomy
  • Advanced Flap Procedure
  • Lift Procedure
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