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The Lumbar Discectomy Surgery Cost In India will be based upon the patient’s medical condition, but planmyScan provides the lowest Lumbar Discectomy Surgery Cost In India. The Lumbar Discectomy is a type of surgery to fix a disc in the lower back. This surgery requires a smaller incision than an open lumbar discectomy. Your backbone, or spinal column, is made up of a chain of bones called the vertebrae. Your spinal cord runs through the spinal column. The bones help protect the cord from injury. Discs sit between each vertebra to provide cushioning and support. Large nerves called nerve roots lead from the spinal cord through small holes in the bones called foramen. These nerve roots send and receive signals to and from the body. The signals are sent to and from your brain through the spinal cord. A Discectomy is performed anywhere along the neck and spine(lumbar). The surgeons reach the damaged disc from the back (posterior) of the spine through the muscle and the spine. The lamina is a bone that forms the backside of the spinal canal and makes a roof over the spinal cord. Next, the spinal nerve is retracted to one side. Depending on your particular case, one disc or more may be removed. Various surgical tools and techniques can be used to perform the Discectomy. An open technique uses a large skin incision and muscle retraction so that the surgeon can directly view the area.

Lumbar Discectomy Surgery Cost in India

Surgery NameDiscounted Price
Lumbar Discectomy Surgery Cost in India  2,00,000 – 3,50,000 Rs

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A  minimally invasive technique or a microendoscopic discectomy uses a small skin incision. A  fusion may be done at the same time as a discectomy to help stabilize the spine for patients who are athletes, perform heavy labor, or have spinal instability. Fusion uses a combination of bone graft and hardware (screws/plates) to connect two vertebrae together. To know the remaining details and the solution to your Lumbar Discectomy Surgery. You must book a consultation call by filling in the details mentioned above. PlanmyScan offers the best treatment with the Best Lumbar Discectomy Surgeon In India at an affordable Cost Of Lumbar Discectomy Surgery. Schedule a free consultation with the best surgeon in India and also you can get the Lumbar Discectomy Surgery Cost In India. 

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