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Patients if you are looking for the Incisional Hernia Surgery Cost In India then the best solution is to contact which suggests the Best Incisional Hernia Specialists if you want to get Incisional Hernia Surgery. An Incisional Hernia can develop after abdominal surgery. It occurs when there is a weakness in the muscle and the tissues in the abdomen protrude through the muscle and appears as a bulge under the skin. This weakness in muscle is caused by an incision made in a prior abdominal surgery that does not heal or close properly. However, it may not heal on its own and need to be cured by an Incisional hernia Operation. The surgeon will decide whether to perform an Open or Laparoscopic SurgeryYou can give your details in the above-given form to connect with and discuss what can be the Incisional Hernia Operation Cost In India? and also the discount on the actual price.

Incisional Hernia Surgery Cost In India – Up To 60% Discount

 Surgery Name Discount Price
Incisional Hernia Surgery Cost In India Rs 40,000/- to Rs 2,00,000

Through you can find an expert doctor to treat Incisional Hernia that too at low Incisional Hernia Surgery Cost In India. Just you need to book an appointment by making a consultation call with us. We also offer you up to 60% discount on the Incisional Hernia Operation Cost In India. Consult the best Incisional Hernia Doctor and then take an opinion on the Incisional Hernia Surgery. 

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Causes Of Incisional Hernia

The factors which are responsible for improper healing that leads to the Incisional Hernia are as follows:

  • Get back into regular activities too soon after the surgery
  • If there is more stress/ pressure on the abdomen
  • getting pregnant before the surgery heals
  • Sometimes, if the edges of the wounds do not align properly
  • The sewing technique which is used to close surgery also the reason for Incisional Hernia.

Symptoms of Incisional Hernia

  • An incisional hernia can be seen within 3 -6 months of the surgery, and they may also develop after the surgery.
  • Even discoloration of the bulge also indicates the immediate surgery
  • ​An ache or burn around the hernia.
  • Abdominal pain
  • Discomfort radiating from the hernia.
  • Heart rate increases
  • Fever
  • Constipation
  • Nausea and
  • vomiting.
  • Diarrhea
  • Narrow or thin stools are formed.
  • The most common noticeable symptom of an Incisional Hernia is a bulge near the Incision. Hence, there are two types of physical symptoms. they are
  • Reducible Hernia: In this case, the protruding tissue can be pushed back into a position or while the patient is lying down the Hernia reduces in size.
  • Irreducible Hernia: It occurs when a part of your intestine pushes into your weakend repaired abdomen muscle wall, and that cannot be replaced into an actual position so that it can lead to bowel obstruction and also the strangulated hernia which requires immediate surgery.

Methods Of Incisional Hernia Surgery

  • Open Incisional Hernia Surgery
  • Laparoscopic Incisional Hernia Surgery
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