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MRI Scan Cost will vary from organ to organ, Even though offers a 60% Flat Discount on all services, We displayed the prices on the page itself. You can check and plan your MRI Scan with us at a very low cost when compared to others. 

MRI Scan Cost Price List

MRI Scan cost depends on the organ to be scanned. PlanMyScan Offers you a flat 60% Discount on all our services. Discounted prices are listed below. We offer the best rate and low price for MRI Scan starts from 3,000- 10,000 rs.

  • Prices will vary from Place to place to time to time – Fill the Booking form now and Get 60% Off


Scan NameDiscounted Prices
MRI Head ScanRs 3000 – 7000
MRI Single HandRs 3000 – 7000
MRI Chest ScanRs 3000 – 7000
MRI Single Leg ScanRs 3000 – 7000
MRI Ls Spine ScanRs 3000 – 7000
MRI Lumbar SpineRs 3000 – 7000
MRI Lumbo Sacral Spine ScanRs 3000 – 7000
MRI Nose ScanRs 3000 – 7000
MRI Brain ScanRs 3000 – 7000
MRI Neck ScanRs 3000 – 7000
MRI Anus ScanRs 3000 – 7000
MRI Orbits ScanRs 3000 – 7000
MRI Knee ScanRs 3000 – 7000
MRI Foot ScanRs 3000 – 7000
MRI Fingers ScanRs 3000 – 7000
MRI Ankle Joint ScanRs 3000 – 7000
MRI PNS ScanRs 3000 – 7000
MRI Wrist ScanRs 3000 – 7000
MRI Temporal Bone ScansRs 3000 – 7000
MRI Pelvis ScanRs 3000 – 7000
MRI Abdomen ScanRs 3000 – 7000
MRI Whole Spine ScanRs 3000 – 7000
MRI Contrast ScanRs 3000 – 7000
MRI ScreeningRsRs 3000 – 7000
MRI Whole Spine ScreeningRs 3000 – 7000
MRI Brain Epilepsy ScanRs 3000 – 7000
MRI Pulmonary Angio ScanRs 3000 – 7000
MRI Brain Angio ScanRs 3000 – 7000
MRI Coronary Angio ScanRs 3000 – 7000
MRI + MRA + MRV ScanRs 3000 – 7000

What is an MRI Scan?

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) uses Magnetic and Radio Frequency Waves to picture the Human Body Internal Organs and Tissues. MRI used to Scan various Body parts and get the pin to pin Organ Disease, infection, an allergy that causes ill health. Based on the MRI Scan Retrieved images Doctors can diagnose the problem and goes with the Treatment.

MRI Scan Centers 

PlanMyScan associates with MRI Scanning Centers all over India which contain ISO Certification and recognitions from the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) and National Accreditation Board of Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL).

Through Plan My Scan, patients can Plan MRI Scan in Best Scanning Centers near their location with a 60% Flat Discount. All Body Parts MRI Scans are offered at your Local Top Quality Labs. So, patients at their Convenient Date Book MRI Scan with any Previous Prescription if available.

MRI Scan Cost

Indian Radiological and Imaging Association (IRA) decides the Cost for MRI Scan in India and it differs based on the Organ to be scanned. Based on the doctor’s reference, Patients book their 1.5 T or 3 T MRI Scan in India through Plan My Scan.

Scanning Services are provided to the Patients 24*7 throughout the year at Discounted MRI Scan Price. We have a team of doctors and according to their advice, we provide the List of MRI Scan costsIndia. For patients who plan MRI scans from Plan My Scan even in Peak Hours, we will provide Scan Services at a discount price.

Types of MRI Scan in India

Patients find MRI Head Scan, MRI Brain Scan, MRI Nose Scan, MRI Wrist Scan, MRI Single Leg Scan, MRI Abdomen Scan, MRI Knee Scan that diagnose the Patient Problem with quality Scanning Machines. All these services are provided by all the Scanning centers to the AERB MRI Scan Price here.

MRI Scan Costs in Indian Metro Cities

MRI Scan Cost in HyderbadMRI Scan Cost in Chennai
MRI Scan Cost in BangaloreMRI Scan Cost in Visakhapatnam
MRI Scan Cost in VijayawadaMRI Scan Cost in Ahmedabad
MRI Scan Cost in MumbaiMRI Scan Cost in Dellhi
MRI Scan Cost in NagpurMRI Scan Cost in Pune
MRI Scan Cost in KolkataMRI Scan Cost in Patna
MRI Scan Cost in NoidaMRI Scan Cost in kanpur
MRI Scan Cost in SuratMRI Scan Cost in Jaipur
MRI Scan Cost in CoimbatoreMRI Scan Cost in Guntur
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