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The penile implant is a surgical process in which a prosthetic device is inserted into the part of the penis to treat erectile dysfunction. And there are two different types of surgical methods and each type of surgery has its own advantage and disadvantages, but you can get the most affordable Penile Implant Surgery Cost In India.  Penile Implant is recommended for the patient who is suffering from erectile dysfunction and is not able to gain significant results with medication and other treatment methods. Penile implant surgery can also help to treat the problems or conditions related to the penis. The most common type of surgery is the penile implant and which is an inflatable implant. The fluid-filled reservoir is implanted under the abdominal wall and the pump release valve is placed in the scrotum and also two inflammable cylinders are sent inside the penis.  And the pump is filled with fluid which salt and achieve an erection from the reservoir into the cylinder. However, you can get the complete details of the surgery by having a consultation with the Best Penile Implant Surgeon In India through PlanMyScan.

Penile Implant Surgery Cost In India

Name Of The SurgeryDiscounted Price
Cost Penile Implant Surgery In IndiaRs. 1,80,000 – Rs. 6,20,000/-

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And the surgery type depends on multiple factors but the Top Penile Implant Specialist Doctor In India will diagnose the patient medical condition completely based on the reports suggest the type of surgery.  The other type of surgery is the semirigid rod and which is a double rod with silicon and high-density plastic coated and this is not inflatable, once the device is implanted the device remains the same or you can position it while having sex to create an erection. And the other type of surgery is the semirigid implant, it has springs on each end and this makes it easier to maintain a better positioning. However, the semirigid is better than surgery for inflatable implants. For more info about the Cost Penile Implant Surgery In India fill out the form and book a consultation call with the PlanMyScan expert’s team.

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